Pintech “Zombie” Drum Kit – Finished

Pintech does a lot of custom drum kits.  Various different sizes, colors, features, etc – But this kit really stood out from the rest.  A cool color combination of green and flat black, mixed with our black mesh heads and Flo Green Visulite cymbals.  We thought we would share some pictures of the finished project.

Pintech Kit Specs:

  • 3001 Rack
  • (3) ConcertCast 8″ Single Zone Pads (Custom “Zombie Green” Color)
  • (1) ConcertCast 10″ Dual Zone Pad (Custom “Zombie Green” Color)
  • (1) Visulite Flo Green 10″ Hi Hat Cymbal
  • (1) Visulite Flo Green 14″ Crash Cymbal
  • (1) Visulite Flo Green 16″ Ride Cymbal
  • (1) GIG KD 8″ Kick Drum
  • (1) GIG Hi Hat Pedal


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