What a Fantastic Company

I bought my first kit from you. It was a Pintech Kit back around 02 or 03. You can see remnants from it in the first few pics here. It has since found it’s home at my friends house and his church. I’ve never had to replace anything but a couple of the little rubber barrels between the mesh heads and the triggers, which you kindly sent my way for free as advertised. What a fantastic company. As much as I have bragged about Pintech over the years, I should have applied for a job, tehe! The original heads are still on those drums and everything elase looks like new. Again, what a fantastic company and a great product that will last a life time if taken care of. It’s no wonder you can offer the warranty that you gave me. If or when I need to buy again, I will always come back to Pintech.

– Gary Alexander (Facebook)