Pintech is excited to show you our brand new website, and to also share with you some exciting news!

Pintech has been the American leader in electronic percussion and accessories since 1989. With many different innovations, Pintech has been looked to by industry professionals as the company to provide the equipment that performs to their standards while being as reliable as possible. Bands like ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Linkin Park, Def Leppard and more all count on Pintech almost every day to perform for them in front of thousands of people.

We take what we do seriously. We believe that Pintech stands above most companies when it comes to making good quality products with great customer service to back it up. We care about our customers, and we care about spreading the news and information about why electronic percussion can be so beneficial. We do things a little differently, and now we are excited to share some cool news with all of you!

Pintech’s new website is now live! Pintech’s old domain ( has now been retired for our new domain, We believe the new name is easier to remember, and better represents our company. The new website is cleaner, quicker and focuses on more of an educational resource for electronic percussion. Better photos, better descriptions and more resources to help you make the best decision possible when it comes to picking your gear. Our new website also features things like our support center. DIY articles, Knowledgebases for known tips and tricks, and user generated reviews.

Along with the new website comes new pricing. Pintech has not had a price change in over 10+ years. When things got hard in 2008, and everyone was raising their prices, Pintech took a different approach with more cost-saving measures like a better stream-lined distribution process and other ways to save without sacrificing our products reliability or our commitment to customer service. You will find that although some prices have gone up, most prices have actually gone down!

Last but not least, Pintech has not only come out with some new products, but have given a lot of our existing products a ‘face-lift’ – Better, more modern appearances along with some improvement in technology means that you are getting an even better product for that same great price.

Last but not least, we would like to thank all of you for your continued support. Pintech is committed to providing every person the best possible experience. Whether that means you buy something or not, it doesn’t matter. We want you to know that we have your back – And we appreciate you having ours.


Thank you,