Very Polite and Helpful

This is Ryan Luke & I just wanted to thank you again for all of your help in getting my Pintech Drum Set  in the best shape it’s been in since I’ve owned it!  This past December 2014 I was fortunate enough to work directly with Ryan Guard at Pintech and he gave me great advice & service in ordering the proper parts to add to as well as upgrade my Pintech Drum Set and make it better than new!  The sound and playability with all new parts installed (by me & instructions are helpful and easy) is amazing!   I replaced all of the heads on tom toms, snare, & base, as well as installed all new triggers in each head.  I traded in the original VisuLite cymbals that I bought the kit with (purchased from another drummer I know in a band)  and bought the new absolutely gorgeous translucent blue colored cymbals (pictured) to sort of make this kit my own!    The feel and sound quality is incredible and I’m able to play it at any time day or night without interfering with the rest of my busy household thanks to the electronic part and head phones or played via low volume through my amp. 

I’m very much looking forward to adding/expanding to this kit in the future as well as working with Ryan Guard and Pintech so thanks to you Ryan and all of your very polite and helpful employees for everything!!   

Best Regards,

– Ryan M. Luke