The Tale of the Flying Pintech Drum Kit

So we’ve all heard testimonials about various products and even I find it hard to believe most of them. But here’s one for you guys that I swear on anything is true….

I play in a local cover band her in Savannah. We play parties and bars, we all have day jobs this is just a hobby kind of thing. Well this past Saturday night we played a local bar up the street from where we practice, so a short drive. I play the concert cast kit with the Roland brain, I love it, it’s incredible and I can’t say enough about it. So on short drives I break down as little as possible, so I just unplug a few things and set the entire rack in the back of my truck. So after our gig Saturday night me and the bass player are headed back to the practice space (he’s behind me in his car) when I hear a weird kinda woooosh sound. I look in my rear-view mirror and see the silhouette of my drum kit in his head lights, flying through the air.

That’s right the entire drum kit flipped out of my car, I thing the wind caught the cymbals and just lifted it out of the truck. (Insert redneck in truck joke here) But any way the kit hit the ground and slid down the road a bit, my bass player said he saw sparks coming from the kit as it was sliding. Needless to say I was freaking out. So I jump out of the truck and ran back to the kit. The kit was really scratched up, and a couple of the boom stand arms had broken off, the worst of the damage was to one 10″ cymbal I use as a splash up front all the rubber padding had been pulled off. So I’m convinced I’ll be buying a new kit soon, BUT I took the kit back and set it all up and the AMAZING THING IS EVERYTHING WORKED. Even the 10″ that was so scratched up worked fine.

So not that I wasn’t sold on Pintech drums before but come on, if you can throw them out of the back of your truck at 50MPH and they still sound awesome, you can’t do any better than that!!!!

Rock ON!

– Anonymous Pintech Customer