Rugged, Reliable, and Effective.

My name is Bob Hohenberger. I live in Eugene, Oregon. I have an all-electronic drum kit comprised of Pintech triggers and I also have a Gretsch acoustic drum kit, in which I have installed Pintech conversion kits. It’s a complete 5-tom Gretsch kit that I have mounted Pintech triggers in all of the drums. I use acoustic cymbals and hi-hat, and all of the Gretsch drums have real drumheads on them. I have the drumheads dampened with felt mufflers in order to reduce false triggering from amplified instruments, but I still get the impact sound and feel of an acoustic drum, along with the improved tone quality and control of electronic drums.

I monitor my drums in stereo through Two QSC K12’s and a QSC KW181 subwoofer.

With my all-electronic kit, I’m using an Alesis DM-PRO control module and all Pintech Triggers except for the kick triggers.

With my acoustic-electric kit, I’m using a Roland TD30 module, Gretsch acoustic drums and all Pintech triggers.

I’ve attached photos of my Pintech kit, along with some DIY modifications I’ve added. I’ve mounted some modified K3 triggers onto the sides of my 10″ Pintech toms, to make them dual-zone triggers. So I can use these as cymbal triggers, or whatever I want them to be. So with four toms, I can also have four Cymbal triggers, all on the same stands.

Another mod I have is a piece of snare drum rim with a pintech trigger hot-glued on. That Velcro’s onto the rim of my snare drum, and I can have a sidestick trigger that is isolated from the impact of the snare head. It works well.

I play a lot of gigs and these items have worked well for me.

I’ve found the Pintech triggers to be rugged, reliable, and effective.

I would recommend them to anyone who needs dependable electronic and acoustic drum triggering.

– Bob Hohenberger