Pleasantly Surprised …

My name is Guy Harley I purchased the PDK1000 about one year ago from Musicians Friend before I purchased a Pintech product I researched their products and checked many online reviews. The Pintech drum products reviewed very well. So when my PDK100 arrived I set it up right away, the setup was simple with excellent instruction. The included frame is surprisingly strong for it’s light weight and effective I have since added some components with no problems with the frame.Under use the frame has very little movement or vibration. The drum quality is excellent with excellent metal construction, sensitive sensors and very responsive effective mesh skins. The drum module is very effective and easy to use, now I simply turn the DM and my Alessis drum monitor on and I am ready to rock. I never used electronic drums previously and I was pleasantly surprised with how well they respond and with the ability to turn the volume down so I don’t disturb the whole house also headphones are an additional option which works well.

I highly recommend this kit for new users of electronic drums for the following reasons: reasonable price, simple setup, rack quality, usability and Pintech has a limited Lifetime Warranty.

Most of all the Customer Service is second to none.

– Guy Harley