Pintech’s Trigger Foam

Pintech has been making products since the 1980’s, and one of the biggest questions we get is this: What do you use for the trigger foam?



Pintech uses a pretty complex system that incorporates 3 separate pieces of foam with two separate densities. After years and years of research, Pintech has found that the best system available is a dual density system.  With a harder foam on bottom, and a small cylinder shaped foam on top wrapped with a softer foam on the sides, it allows for a reduced hot-spot with the maximum amount of range for trigger response. It is also very durable, and easy for the consumer to replace.



Pintech’s foam works great with acoustic heads and mesh heads.  Works well in the center of the drum head, or off-center.

Our foam is also great for DIY projects!



With having a smaller “skinnier” upper cylinder foam, it allows the vibrations to be more concentrated.  These vibrations travel down the cylinder, and into our “base” foam, where it is then picked up by our trigger.  By having a smaller diameter that travels farther down, it allows for a wider range of sensitivities (high and low).

The outer foam is a very low density foam, which serves as a wrap for the inner foam. It’s purpose is not to pick up vibrations.  It does not increase the “hot spot” for the trigger, because it is such a low density.

The lower foam is a medium density foam which acts as a supporting base for the upper foams. It covers the trigger, while also offering a strong base for support.



After years of research and development, we believe we have the best system for reliability, low hot-spot size, and sensitivity. Developing a foam that not only offers great reliability, but also one that can trigger the smallest of hits was our main focus.  We believe we achieved that.

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