Pintech University

Pintech is proud to announce our brand new addition to our website, the Pintech University.  Pintech University is a place where you can learn more in-depth information on the company, their commitment to electronic percussion and drummers, Pintech history and details on their products.

“Pintech believes that the more that people know about us, how we operate and what we stand for, the more they fall in love with us.  That’s what we want more than anything.  We fully understand that we don’t make a product for everyone’s needs, and we aren’t trying to do that.  But what we hope people gain from the Pintech University is the knowledge behind our products, our philosophies and the general understanding about what we believe in.” say Ryan Guard, owner of Pintech.  “We get calls all of the time from people who simply call in to say that they love how we approach this business, and want us to know that they will be coming to us when they need something in the future.  And that honestly means a lot to me, my employees and our business.  People love our story, how we are American Made, and how we honestly care about drummers… Not just OUR customers, but every drummer out there.  Knowledge is power, and we want to spread that to everyone.”

The Pintech University will be a section on the website that will grow over time.  Soon it will feature videos, tips and tricks and other sections to help educate.