Pintech “Royal” Drum Kit

Pintech is always trying to set ourselves apart from the competition.  Pintech also does a lot of custom drums and accessories for our customers and clients.  This is a quick look at a custom kit that we will soon have up for sale.  We are calling this the Pintech Royal Drum Kit.  A deep rich purple shell with matte-gold hardware.  Here is some of the pictures we’ve taken on the journey to make this beautiful drum kit.


Here are the shells after being stained, and before all of the 5 coats of clear has been applied. Notice they are stained on the inside as well!


Here is a close-up of one of the drums with hardware installed.  Notice how the purple has now turned to a more deep color.


A quick look at what the drum pad looks like.  Absolutely STUNNING.

Make sure to come back to see the progress of the kit as we continue to work on it.  And if you are interested in purchasing this kit, make sure to contact us.  You still have time to add your own design and “flavor” to the kit.

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