Pintech Reveals New Website and Domain

Pintech has released an updated website and domain name as of May 13th, 2016.  This new website features a different approach, and focuses more on educating the customer on electronic percussion, it’s history and the differences between Pintech and the other choices on the market.

“Pintech has a story to tell, and we wanted to tell that story in the best way possible.  Many people know who Pintech is, and many people understand that we put out a good product.  What we felt a lot of people didn’t quite grasp was the overall differences between Pintech and what else is out there.  We feel that we have a lot to offer, not in just our products… Our service, our DIY commitments and our overall drive to really push electronic percussion to the next level is what we want people to see.” Says Ryan Guard, owner of Pintech. “When people now go to the website, they will see a completely different aesthetic feel.  A clean website that is easy to navigate, and offers a lot of information.  It is all about educating people about our brand.”

The new website features many new areas to browse.  They have an “Artist” page where you can see some of their top bands that use their products on tour and in the studio.  Names like ZZ Top, Def Leppard, Justin Timberlake, Terry Bozzio and more.  There is even a page created that will be built upon the community, called the DIY Center.  “We are really excited to see what the community comes up with in regards to the DIY Center.  We’ve always been a supporter of the DIY scene, and this is just one more way of supporting them.  We hope people will create new posts and pages with tips, tricks, builds and more.”

Pintech has always owned the domain name, but recently changed it to a more simple “The new name is easier, and is more up-to-date with what we are trying to accomplish with our brand.  We are excited to see what the new website will do for us.”