Pintech Re-Releases White Mesh in ALL SIZES!

Pintech Percussion announced that they are starting to take pre-orders for their very popular “Reaction Series” mesh heads.  Although Pintech used to offer their mesh heads in white, they were changed to black years ago. Recent demand for a high quality mesh head at a decent price drove Pintech to start up production on the white color.

Reaction Series Mesh Heads - Black and White

“We are doing our best to listen to what our customers and the market wants.  Pintech has always been the company to go to when it comes to custom jobs, but recently the demand for white mesh heads has grown to the point where we thought it would be best for ourselves as a company and for our customers to offer our very successful ‘Reaction’ line in white.” Says Ryan Guard, owner of Pintech Percussion.  “We understand that there are many other brands out there, but we believe no one matches our quality for the price. We’ve done years of extensive testing with various kinds of mesh, and believe that our mesh is the best when it comes to feel and durability.  Combine that with our reinforced rubber edge to prevent stretching and tearing, and you have a strong product that feels natural while not breaking the drummer’s bank.”

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