Pintech Percussion Offers Acoustic to Electronic Conversion Kit for Drums

Pintech Percussion has engineered a way to convert an acoustic drum kit into an electronic drum kit with no drilling or modifications to the acoustic drums.  This “A2E” (Acoustic to Electric) system incorporates Pintech’s world-renowned triggers, an adjustable carbon steel bridge system and all of the accessories needed to convert a kit from your own home.  This system allows drummers to easily switch back and forth between an electronic kit and an acoustic kit, while offering the look and feel of an acoustic kit that so many drummers love.

The adjustable bridge system works on any drums between the sizes of 8” all the way up to 26”.  The system also allows you to choose between single zone and dual zone, and also gives you 2 different types of jacks.

The Acoustic to Electronic Conversion kit requires no special tools, and can be done with only a screwdriver and drum key.  No new holes or drilling is required, and it can be 100% reversible.

 Pintech A2E Conversion

“This kit allows drummers to keep the look and feel that they are used to, while giving them the convenience of electronic percussion technology.  Perfect for churches, schools and anyone who is looking to try out electronic percussion. We feel this is the perfect bridge between the 2 sectors, and are very pleased with the response we have seen.” said Ryan Guard. “It is definitely the hottest thing going right now in the percussion market.”

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