Pintech Percussion recently added a brand new drum kit to their lineup, the PDK2000.  The Pintech PDK2000 series drum kit is the second new drum kit released by Pintech this year, and offers quite a few upgrades over their very successful PDK1000 drum kit that was released earlier in 2014.

“Our PDK1000 kit was a great success, and continues to be a big part of our lineup.  But like most other things, it left people wanting more.  More options like dual zone capabilities, larger drum pads, chokeable cymbals and more.  We spent quite a bit of time putting together what we feel is an unbelievable drum kit for the price.” Said Ryan Guard, Owner of Pintech Percussion. “Pintech is unique in the fact that we are an American manufacturer that can offer tremendous value with our products.  Combine our world renowned reliability with our aggressive pricing, and you get a product that looks very attractive to our customers and dealers.  We expect the PDK2000 to quickly become our best selling kit.  The PDK2000 is a directly result of Pintech getting the drumming community together and listening to their needs.  We are very active with our customers and the e-drumming community in general.  They tell us what they would like to see, and we do our best to provide it.  I think we’ve done that with the PDK2000.”

Pintech Percussion won the 2014 Winter NAMM award for “Company to Watch” earlier in the year, and has been working hard to continue their success with new and innovative products.  They have been manufacturing electronic drums and accessories since the late 1980’s, and is a proud American made company that focuses on heavy-duty products that carry a lifetime warranty.


Number of Snare/Tom Pads: 4
Included Drum Pads: (1) 10″ Dual Zone Snare, (3) 8″ Dual Zone Toms
Number of Cymbal Pads: 4
Included Cymbal Pads: (1) 10″ Hihat, (1) 14″ Single Zone, (1) 14″ Dual Zone with Choke, (1) 16″ Ride Dual Zone with Bell, (1) Gig HH Controller Pedal
Included Kick Pad: (1) CKV10 – 10″ Mesh Head Kick Drum
Drum Module: Alesis DM10
Hardware: 3001 Rack

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