Pintech Mesh Head Replacement Procedure

Estimated Time for Repair:  5 Minutes
Skill Level:  
Tools:  Drum Key 


Step #1 Remove Mesh Head

150x150Use a drum key to remove your tension rods, and then remove your drum hoop.  Carefully grab one end of the mesh head and slightly lift it up enough to fit your hand under the mesh and grab a hold of the foam in the center.  You will notice that the foam is adhered to the mesh head via a small circular adhesive dot.  The goal is to slowly separate the mesh from the foam without ruining or tearing the foam.

Step #2 Re-installing Your Mesh Heads

150x150Before placing your mesh head down, please make sure that your pad foam is as straight as possible. Take your mesh head and gently place it down as straight as possible.  The goal is to not bend the foam. After placing the mesh head down, take your hoop and re-tighten it down.  If you have a drum dial, then we recommend setting your mesh to a tension of “70”.  If you do not have a drum dial, then please tighten down the tension rods in an alternating pattern. Do not overtighten your mesh!  Over-tightening your mesh will cause your mesh to fail much sooner than normal.