Why should guitarists have all the fun? Keys and guitars embraced electronic technology years ago, and been reaping the benefits with new methods and sounds. Why not drums??? Scroll down to see some of the reasons why believe electronic drums are the future of music!


Sound Versatility

Nothing beats the ability to dial in just the right drum kit sounds to suit the music! If you’re a working drummer, chances are you get calls for gigs that cover a number of different styles of music. Tonight’s pop singer might turn into tomorrow night’s jazz trio, with a 1970s cover band rehearsal in between. Instead of having to carry and maintain a collection of acoustic kits you can stick with the setup you like while delivering the appropriate sounds for the gig.

(Picture of Rick Allen, long-time endorsed artist of Pintech)



Life is all about choices, right? Why be stuck with boring black cymbals? Why not go CRAZY, and order some fun and excited colored cymbals? Our Visulite line offer 12 different colors, and 8 different size choices! Stay conservative, and go with our black or white cymbals… Or go CRAZY and choose our neon colors that glow under black lights! Our Visulite lines of cymbals are all “made to order” – That means that every cymbal is specially made just for you! We hand carve and hand form these cymbals with YOU in mind. Every cymbal is a piece of art, and no 2 cymbals are exactly the same. You will not only get a nice looking cymbal, but you will get what we think is the best performing electronic cymbal on the market. Available in single zone, dual zone with choke, dual zone with bell or 3 zone models. Each Visulite cymbal comes with a cymbal spring, so you get a real feel and movement when playing!


Bullet Proof?

Pintech’s PC Series cymbals are made out of a material called Polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is a rugged polymer material that is high impact-resistant and can undergo large deformations without cracking or breaking. Polycarbonate is the same material that they make bullet proof glass out of, along with the cockpit canopy of the F-22 Raptor jet fighter! Needless to say, this stuff is TOUGH! Available in a ton of sizes and options, the PC Series line of Pintech cymbals offers a great feel along with a peace of mind knowing that you are buying a quality American made product!


Quality AFFORDABLE Cymbals!

Just starting out? Or maybe looking to try out a new cymbal without spending a lot of money? Then the TC Series cymbals from Pintech is a perfect place to look! These Pintech TC Series cymbals are amazingly affordable while maintaining the ruggedness and quality you would expect from Pintech. The material of these cymbals is polypropylene, which is a polymer that has unique and rugged properties that allow these cymbals to flex and bend like no other material can, while maintaining proper triggering capabilities and affordability. Polypropylene is used as a mixture with concrete to help strengthen while offering more flexibility. It is also used to help large buildings become more earthquake proof by allowing the building to flex with the shock waves without crumbling.


Professionals Turn to Pintech!

Some of the largest names in music choose Pintech, because they know that quality is hard to come by these days. Drummers like Brian Frasier-Moore, Will Calhoun, Keith Harris and more choose Pintech for their cymbals. Not only do we offer unique visual appeal, but our triggering technology is second to none and extremely durable. If it is good enough for them, then it should certainly be good enough for everyone!