There is nothing wrong with plastic. Plastic is lightweight and easy to work with. But when you want a product that is going to hold up to OUR standards, then plastic just won’t cut it. Our ConcertCast drum pads are ALL Metal. The shell is a mixture of Titanium and Aluminum, and is forged out of a solid single piece. We then take our drum shells, and throw on a thick coating of powder-coat to give it even more ruggedness.


ALL American Made!

Finding products that are made in America is becoming harder and harder these days. But be careful when doing your research. “American Made” can mean 2 different things. Some companies like to say they are American Made, even though all of their parts come from overseas. They believe that as long as it is ASSEMBLED in America, then it is fine to say it is MADE in America. Then you have the companies that either buy or make their parts inside America, AND assemble them. Pintech not only buys parts from American companies whenever it can, but we also do our best to buy from LOCAL companies. Those companies that are owned by your neighbors, friends and family. We do our best to support the small, local companies. We believe so much in being American Made, that we even buy our tooling from American companies!


Mesh For The Win!

Mesh heads are the best heads you can get for electronic drums. They are the quietest, they offer the most realistic feel, and they offer the best performance. Our drums come with mesh heads. Nothing compares. But what makes our Reaction Series mesh heads different than all the others? Our mesh was specifically engineered to not only be quiet, but to also offer the best rebound and reliability. On top of that, a special rubber compound is added to the outer edge of the mesh to help protect the mesh from stretching or tearing.


It’s All About The Foam!

Pad FoamFoam makes a HUGE difference. The type of foam, the diameter of the foam, and the shape of the foam will make a huge difference in reliability and performance. Pintech spent of lot of time researching what the best type of foam would be. Our ConcertCast drums now feature a 3-piece dual density foam. Our foam system is one of the most advanced foam systems on the market. It offers a solid, heavy density foam on the bottom. This foam is in direct contact with the trigger, and makes sure that any vibrations are sent directly to the triggering system. The top half of the foam is 2 pieces. The outer ring is a very light density foam, while the inner core is a medium density foam. This decreases the hotspot, but still ensures that the sensitivity of your drum pad is exactly where you want it to be. The final product is a heavy-duty foam that will last a long time, but also offer you the best performance on the market.


Hollow And Silent!

Believe it or not, even the design of the drum pads were done the way we do it for a reason. The hollow bottom of the drum pads maximizes the quietness of the drums, and gives you the most quiet operation imaginable.


EZ-Tune Technology!

Pintech is the only manufacturer who offers INDEPENDENT sensitivity knobs on all of their drums. That means that you can control the sensitivity of the head OR rim right from the side of the drum pad. No need to go into your drum module to turn up the sensitivity. Simply turn a small knob, and increase or decrease as you need it.


Built By Pros!

Pintech’s triggers are already known to be the best in the world. But we are always looking for ways to make them better. Our triggers are now specially engineered to last longer, while still offering the same (or better) sensitivity. That means less triggers going out, and more time doing what you love to do.

But let’s be honest – Your triggers will eventually go out. When you are beating on something with a stick night in and night out, something will break eventually. But what happens when it does happen? How do you replace the triggers? Do you have to call the manufacture, and spend a couple of days getting a return authorization, then spend money out of your pocket to send your drum pad in? Then when it gets there, are you forced to spend an unreasonable amount of money for them to replace the trigger? NOT WITH PINTECH! Pintech offers a solder-less, clip-in triggering system. You can go from having a dead trigger to being back up and running within 10 minutes – without any tools except a drum key!