Pintech Released Newest Electronic Drum Kit

Pintech PDK1000 Electronic Drum Kit

Pintech is happy to announce our newest drum kit, the PDK1000.
For only $799.99, this kit is sure to turn some heads.

The Pintech PDK1000 features our heavy-duty ConcertCast series mesh pads for a natural feel, while giving you incredible sensitivity and response.

Engineered with the every drummer in mind, the PDK1000 is the perfect combination of a versatile kit with a budget in mind. Affordable and simple to use, Pintech’s newest electronic drum kit is built for live performances, live recording, teaching, practice and more!


(3) 8″ Single Zone ConcertCast Mesh Pads
(1) 10″ Single Zone ConcertCast Mesh Pad
(1) 14″ TC Series Single Zone Cymbals
(2) 10″ TC Series Single Zone Cymbal
(1) GIG KD Mesh Kick Pad
(1) All Metal GIG Hi-hat Pedal
(1) EZv2 Drum Module/Brain
(1) 3000 Series Rack with all necessary clamps, cymbal arms, cables and hardware.


Voices: 389 Voices
Drum Kits: 20 Preset, 10 User Kits
Demo Song: Yes
Songs: 50 Preset, 4 User Songs
Controls: Power Switch, Song, Voice, Utility, Kits, Pad Assign, Drum Off, Tempo/Tap, Start/Stop, Master Volume, Aux Volume, Accomp Vollume +/-, Page +/-, Save/Enter, Select, Click, Record, Demo, Data Dial
Display: LCD
Connections: DC IN, Aux Out L/MONO, Aux Out R, Aux In, Hi-hat Control, Hihat, Snare, Tom 1, Tom 2, Tom 3, Ride, Crash, Kick, MIDI IN, MIDI OUT
Power Supply: DV 9V


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