New Product Announcement: “Phoenix” Snare (PHX14)

Pintech Percussion released its newest redefining product October 18th, 2013. This new 14″ snare boasts quite a few new features, along with being available in a screaming red color scheme.

“We listened to what people were looking for, and we feel we delivered the best snare ever for electronic drums.” Ryan Guard said. “This snare is a collection of some of the best minds in the electronic percussion industry, and we are all very happy with what we’ve come up with. Upgraded trigger design, a hot red color and sensitivity knobs for both the head and rim are only a couple of the features we added on this awesome snare.”

The Phoenix snare features a large 14″ size, reinforced triggers, Pintech’s exclusive Silentrim® rubber hoop trim on box sides, 2 mesh heads, fully independent sensitivity knobs for both the head and rim, Pintech’s exclusive 3 piece dual-density foam, and an all metal drum shell that is available in black, chrome and red.

“We came up with the name ‘Phoenix’ because it is actually a replacement model to our AX14 snare. We figured the name “Phoenix” would suit what we were trying to do. Release an upgrade to a dying model that rises up even better than before. The AX14 did well for us, and our customers… But it was in need of some improvements and a facelift. I think we did just that and more.” said Mr Guard.

The Phoenix snare will enter the marketplace with a MAP set at $449.00, which makes it even more desirable. “We wanted to make sure that we made a product that not only would show what Pintech is capable of, but to also be available to any serious drummer. This snare is very affordable when you shop and compare. And with our lifetime warranty, it almost becomes a ‘no-brainer’.” said Ryan Guard.

The Phoenix snare is available to buy immediately. Visit your favorite Pintech dealer today to buy one!