Never Let Me Down

I have been using Pintech products for over 10 years. Time and time again, they have never let me down. Pintech knows the high demand of drummers and the abuse we put our gear through. All Pintech products are built to last with awesome warranties. However, in the event an issue may occur,  Pintech’s customer service shines as always. I have always had great experiences with their service and dedication to making everything right. 

Pintech is always striving to improve and put out the best possible products. When I’m on a gig, I don’t have to worry if my gear will make it through, It just always does. (And I am not a soft hitter) 

You can also talk to Pintech direct!  No call-trees, no machines. When you call, you get an answer from a Pintech employee. And they listen to what you have to say and are always accepting feedback. That’s what I love about this company. No matter how long you’ve been a Pintech customer, you are always Pintech family.

In the world of electronic percussion,  there are many options. But if you want a product that is built to last, and won’t disappoint,  and superior customer service, look no further,  Pintech is your next piece of gear.

– Tony “TK” Cassidy