My Experience With Pintech

Hello Pintech,

I wanted to share my experience with my Pintech electronic drumset and my recent interactions with the great staff at Pintech customer service.

To allow playing at all hours without disturbing the family, program new sounds, and to add the ability to record, I picked up a used Pintech set from a friend to compliment my acoustic set.

From my first call to Pintech in order to upgrade to plug style triggers, I was impressed with the friendliness and knowledge of the staff. One sensor for my tom was a dual sensor but I seem to only get the head sound so I’m not sure if I have the sensors in the right spots to pick up the second zone.

My next contact with them was to add a ride cymbal which I got at a reduced price as a blemish or opened item and I was pleasantly surprised to receive a “like new” dual zone cymbal that is working out great (center cymbal in pic).

My latest purchase in early April was to get a sensor, strike pad for an older crash cymbal, and a drum beater pad to aid the longevity of the base drum head. The suggestions by, I believe it was Ryan, were helpful and the parts came quickly. I will definitely be checking out Pintech for all my kit upgrades and enjoy the help of the knowledgeable staff!

Best Regards,

– Tim Passerell