Kick It To Bullying Campaign!

“Kick It To Bullying” is a powerful, motivating, educational production from beginning to end. Drummer Johnny Misso (Former drumtech for Bob Dylan) will be bringing this powerful production to your school district this fall! Severly bullied when he was in grade school, Johnny came very close to ending his life but found a way to turn it all around. This powerful production is a MUST SEE for middle school-college students. Set to music and drumming on his new state of art Pintech drumkit, follow johnny’s gripping story with this entertaining and motivating production sure to make you want to join in the fight to stop school violence and bullying in your neighborhood. This event is a must see for parents, children, teachers, and principles! Call and book your assembly today!


(1) PHX14-B – Flat Black with Chrome Hardware 14″ Dual Zone Snare (White Mesh Head)
(3) CC102-B – Flat Black with Chrome Hardware 10″ Dual Zone Tom (White Mesh Head)
(1) CKV12-B – Flat Black with Chrome Hardware 12″ Kick Drum (White Mesh Head)
(1) VL-1300-TR – Translucent Red Visulite 13″ Hi-hat Pair
(2) VL-1402-TR – Translucent Red Visulite 14″ Dual Zone with Choke Cymbal
(1) VL-1803-TR – Translucent Red Visulite  18″ Triple Zone with Choke and Bell Cymbal
(1) TD30 Module
(1) Custom Rack, cables, clamps and accessories

For any questions or to talk to Johnny direct, please call 716-906-0278


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