I was considering replacing my existing starter kit with a Roland V-Drum electronic kit and luckily stumbled upon Pintech’s product line.

I picked up the PDK-1000 kit which shipped with 4 single zone pads (1 x 10” snare, 3 x 8” toms), a bass drum pad, 3 cymbal pads, the full frame and all hardware required to get started.  In my case, I made a special request to exclude the EZv2 drum module from my purchase as I purchased an Alesis Trigger IO module for use with my computer software.

The ConcertCast pads with Pintech’s signature mesh heads not only look like the real thing, they feel and respond like the real thing.  I have played on Roland V-Drums in the past and found that Pintech’s pads and mesh heads are of a superior quality.  Pintech’s pads also come with volume knobs which allow you to tweak the response of the trigger in the pad.  The ability to adjust the sensitivity of the trigger in the pad is quite handy in tweaking the feel with whatever drum module you may use.

The cymbal pads respond extremely well and also look great.  The bass drum pad has a large enough playable surface that you can use a double bass pedal without issue.  Throw all of this onto a very sturdy, well built, easy to assemble frame and you’re ready to rock!

I would highly recommend purchasing an electronic kit from Pintech.  The price is significantly lower than the competition, the quality and play-ability is better and in addition to all that, the pads and triggers come with a lifetime warranty from Pintech.



– Paul Tzimopoulos.
Pauls Kit