Converting an Acoustic Kit into an Electric Kit


Converting an acoustic drum kit into an electronic kit can be pretty hard if you don’t have the correct information.
Pintech is proud to make the easiest acoustic conversion kits, without any drilling required!

First of all, why would someone want to convert a kit?  Many people love the idea of having a kit that looks like an acoustic kit, while having the mind-blowing technology of an electric kit. Other’s like the idea of being able to drum and not wake up the neighborhood.  If done correctly, you could stand away from a converted kit, and you would never know it was an electronic kit!

What’s involved:

There are a few “main” components to our converted kits: Electronic triggers (Head and Rim), our adjustable metal bridge system and our 1/4″ jack systems.  With that, you would probably also want to change out your heads for our Reaction Series mesh heads.

The process is VERY simple: Remove your existing hoop and acoustic head. Attach our adjustable metal bridge and triggers inside your drum shell, and then put your head (or our mesh head) and hoop back on!  NO DRILLING REQUIRED!  You can remove everything later on, and you would never know it was converted.  We also utilize your existing vent hole, and turn it into a 1/4″ female jack.

The process above give you a super clean look, with the ability to reverse the process 100%.  Pintech even offers a VERY detailed video tutorial on the whole process!

What’s different about Pintech’s setup over the other options?

Pintech has been converting drums longer than any other company.  We understand what is needed to get the job done correctly, in the easiest way possible. Our adjustable metal bridge is easy to install, heavy duty and will provide the support you would expect.  All without ANY drilling. Our jack system is the cleanest in the industry.  No dangling wires to get in the way or scratch your shells. Our triggers are known to be some of the best in the business, and they carry our exclusive lifetime limited warranty.

Pintech’s technology is 100% made in the USA, and is backed by our world renowned support. We’ve converted the drums for the biggest names in the music industry.  And they always come back to us when they have a new kit to be converted.  Touring drummers know their gear, and there is a reason why they choose Pintech.


What else can a converted drum do?

We have some drummers that utilize our conversion kits as microphones.  That’s right, our kits will not only trigger electronic modules, but you can use them to get that little bit of extra “oomph” out of your drums.  Hook them straight up to an amp and go to town.  Add different effects to your drums to get CRAZY results.

You can also set off loops, turn your drums in a gate and do a LOT more.  Once you combine the best of both worlds, there is really nothing you cannot achieve.


How much is it going to cost me?

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