Can’t Find a Better Product

I have used Pintech since 2002. Back then, I converted an acoustic set that I had and used their cymbals and hihat pedal with great results.

A couple of years ago, my electric set, at the time, had some issues, and I needed a quick fix. I called Pintech, and the manager got me a dual zone snare out very quickly. Once I used it awhile, I decided to sell off my rubber pads and go with all Pintech toms and some cymbals. I had one tom pad that triggered very low, and I contacted the manager. She sent me a replacement trigger assembly. I plugged it into the quick connect and the problem was solved.

Overall, They have been real good to me, and taken care of my needs promptly. I have been pleased with the service, and you can’t find a better product that is this durable and easy to repair if necessary. I have had a competitors pad that cost the same, fall to pieces after six months of play, because it was made out of plastic… Looked good, but wouldn’t hold up. These, look good and are built to last.

I hope to get a kick pad and another hihat pedal from Pintech, one day soon. I am triggering these pads with an Alesis DM10 module. I also use a Ludwig snare that I converted. I moved the pintech snare over to a second floor tom position.


– Heath Stewart