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[icon type=”chevron-right”]  PINTECH IS COMMITTED.  Read More …

  • [icon type=”globe”]  ALL AMERICAN MADE DRUMS

    Products manufactured in our south Alabama factory by well-trained, experienced professionals.  Read More …

  • [icon type=”shield”]  LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

    Pintech’s backs up our products with an industry leading limited lifetime warranty.   Read More …

  • [icon type=”star”] RUGGED CONSTRUCTION

    Aluminum, Titanium, Bullet-Proof Polymers and more are used to make the toughest drums!  Read More …

  • [icon type=”group”]  PROFESSIONAL’S CHOICE

    Pintech is proud to endorse some of the biggest names in music. Find out who chooses Pintech.  Read More …

  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  DRUM KITS

    Pintech Jaguar Electronic Acoustic Drum Kit - LIMITED!

  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  DRUM PADS

    Pintech Drum Pad

  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  CYMBALS
  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  MESH HEADS

    Pintech Reaction Series Mesh Heads

  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  DRUM TRIGGERS

    Pintech RS-5 Trigger

  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  KICK DRUMS

    CKV Kick

  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  DRUM HARDWARE

    Pintech Universal Metal Module/Sample Pad Mount

  • [icon type=”chevron-right”]  REPAIR PARTS

    Pintech Pad Foam

[line]Pintech Percussion is the leading US manufacturer of electronic percussion kits and accessories. With a focus on quality and customer service, Pintech has grown to be known to make some of the best equipment on the market for drummers. MADE IN U.S.A.