Benefits of an Electronic Drum Kit

There are a lot of benefits about an electronic drum kit, and we would like to highlight some of the most beneficial qualities.

Noise?  What noise???

Drum are loud.  No one will deny that.  But Pintech electronic drums are whisper quiet because of our mesh heads and cymbal dampening technology.  Did you know that you can also plug headphones into your drum kit, allowing you to play in your studio or bedroom without disturbing anyone else?  The beauty of electronic drums in the versatility, and sound control is one of the main reasons people say they like them.

Unlimited Sound Possibilities!

Electronic drum modules come PACKED with different sounds, but even those sounds aren’t the end of the road when it comes to your library!  Most modern modules now have MIDI capabilities, which means that you can hook your drums up to a laptop or computer.  Doing this allows you to then have an almost unlimited range of possibilities when it comes to sounds.  Want your Pintech ProX Tubular Trigger to make a cat’s “meow” sound?  No problem!  How about a gong? No problem!  The possibilities are almost endless, and that makes electronic drums a lot of fun!

Tools to Make You a Better Drummer:

Most modern electronic drum kits now have built-in tools to help you become a better drummer.  Metronomes and recording options are just a few that can help boost your skills.  A lot of drum kits also allow you to plug in your cell phone or just about any audio player into your module so you can play drums to your favorite songs.  There are a ton of different options for drumless tracks that allow you to play along to your favorite songs as well!


Pintech drum kits and accessories are generally less expensive than acoustic drum kits and accessories!  We know that you work hard for your money, and the fact that you are willing to spend that hard-earned money on Pintech makes us proud.

Space and Portability

Most electronic drum kits have a smaller footprint than acoustic drum kits.  This is important if you have a smaller room, or an apartment.  It also means that most electronic drum kits are more portable, making it easier to transport your kit in your vehicle.


Because Pintech utilizes real drum hoops, tensions rods and mesh heads, our drums are 100% tune-able!  Too much bounce?  Loosen the head!  Not enough bounce?  Tighten that head up!  All of our drums also feature Pintech’s EZ-TUNE technology, which strategically places tuning knobs on the side of the drum shells so you can increase or decrease the sensitivity on the fly!

Electronic drum kits have come a long way over the past decade.  Dual zone capabilities that allow you to play on the head and rim, chokeable cymbals, and cymbals with up to 3 different zones means that you can do whatever you want on a Pintech kit!  Pair all of these awesome benefits with Pintech exclusive limited lifetime warranty, and Pintech becomes a great company to buy from!