American Made: What does that REALLY mean?

Finding products that are made in the USA is getting harder and harder each year. With the rise of globalization, internet sales and fluctuations in the economy, consumers can buy from virtually anywhere in the world, and sometimes even save money by buying a product overseas. But what if you can find a better product for less money?

Pintech manufacturers their products on-site, right here in Vancouver, WA, and our suppliers are also based in the US whenever possible. This means that our products contain more than 95% of parts that are Made in America. When you buy a product from Pintech, you are actually supporting more than just one US business -you are supporting our suppliers as well, many of those suppliers being small “mom and pop” shops that we’ve been working with for decades. That means that when you decide to buy a Pintech product, your purchase is appreciated nationwide, with each purchase supporting a multitude of businesses and people.

Let’s talk about one of our products. The Visulite line- this is our top-of-the-line cymbal series, available in over 12 colors and a ton of different sizes and options. The Visulite series includes 1/4″ acrylic cymbals that we manufacture on-site in our factory. It starts off as a plain 1/4″ sheet of acrylic, and all of the blanks are cut to order. From there, it goes on a specially designed machine that allows us to hand-form the edges with a file. Then, to complete the process, we finely sand it to a mirror-like finish. This process can take up to an hour on most cymbals. After the polishing is finished, the acrylic gets heated up to over 300 degrees and then is hand formed over an acoustic brass cymbal to give it its shape. After that, we install our electronics to match the specification of each order. Nothing on this cymbal is made overseas – not even the sticker that we put on it. Our electronics and triggers are all sourced from American companies using our specifications, which helps us make them the most rugged and best performing triggers on the planet. The Visulite cymbal is a labor of love, and each one is unique.

Visulite Cymbal - Blue

So, how many companies are you truly supporting when you buy a Visulite cymbal? 12, to be exact. You are not only supporting Pintech, but you are supporting 11 of Pintech’s vendors and suppliers – and every single one of those vendors is an American company that is supplying American parts being made by American workers. Sound like a philosophy you’d like to support?

Since our main office and factory is located in the same location, support is always easily accessible with Pintech. Our engineers and R&D department are engaged with our customers about various things like repair, DIY projects, and other incredible ideas that come directly from our user base. Our support is known for being world class. To that end, we’ve even been known to help people with our competitors products on a regular basis. We truly support Pintech users and want to ensure they have an outstanding experience whether their kit is 100% Pintech, or even just one trigger.

What about parts for your products? What happens after 5 years? 10 years? 20 years? Pintech’s commitment to excellence guarantees that we will always offer support for our products. Pintech has been manufacturing electronic percussion products since 1989. Many companies consistently drop support for products mere months after releasing them, but do you know how many products Pintech has dropped support for in our more than 25 years in business? Zero. That’s right, there is nothing that we’ve made in the past that we cannot or will not fix. That is because those products have always been made right here in our factory. We control our own molds, tooling, drawings, parts, etc. Try finding a product that is over 20 years old and asking the original manufacture to fix it for you. We are guessing that you will have a hard time finding many that will still offer that service. Pintech has for over 25 years, does today, and always will.

Thank you for supporting our Made in America model, and thank you for choosing Pintech.

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