Pintech Percussion is the leading US manufacturer of electronic percussion kits and accessories. With a focus on quality and customer service, Pintech has grown to be known as some of the best equipment on the market for drummers.

Now located on the beautiful Gulf Coast of Alabama, Pintech has been operating since the 1980’s when it was originally founded in Mauldin, SC.  Since close to the beginning of electronic percussion, Pintech has been a leader in new product design and research and development.

Pintech endorses some of the biggest names in music, and is proud to have our products used on tours all over the world.  Pintech has been featured in multiple Super Bowls, Grammy’s, MTV Music Awards, movies, TV shows and countless other nationally televised shows.  Our artists are fortunate enough to have the means to use whatever gear they choose, and we are proud that they choose Pintech to deliver the best experience for their fans.

Pintech uses some of the best materials and has many patents to our name that allow us to deliver some of the best electronic percussion products on the market.  Not only does Pintech offer great products, but our warranty is second to none.  A limited lifetime warranty on most products gives our customers a peace-of-mind when choosing to purchase our products. And our award-winning customer service team is always there to help you out if you have any questions or concerns.

Pintech is independently owned and operated, and has no ties with any other companies. Our factory in Theodore, Alabama consists of offices for office personnel, a large factory for product manufacturing, inside sales and marketing and warehouse and distribution.  Having one independent location allows our full team to work together to ensure that the best product is being sent to our customers, while streamlining many different processes.