A Son’s Birthday Present

1) The products Pintech makes are stunning. Solid cast iron, mesh heads give both the solidity and responsiveness that is required. So performance is extremely high. Then when combined with the price, which comes in below comparable and even inferior products, and the price to performance ratio is really a no-brainer. Frankly, just the performance makes it a no-brainer, so add in price and it’s a no-brain and no-nervous system-er.

2) Service is phenomenal. I called Ryan, the owner, on some issues and dealt with him directly. That’s not something you can do with other manufacturers. We spoke for quite a while, I learned about the business, his passion for the company and the product, and his plans for the future. So that was nice. Then he went over the top on customer service, with a stunningly put together kit, lovingly wrapped and delivered. My son literally coughed up his skull in joy when he unpacked the box on his birthday.

– Sean Foote