A New Desire …

WOW … so I can’t begin to tell you how perfectly this setup works!!
So after a little playing around with the pieces you sent me I have it setup just right now … I put the stock strike pad off center just a little bit as to not hit the cymbal directly above the sensor … if I were hitting the cymbal at 6 o’clock the sensor is about at 8 o’clock and it allows for just the right amount of sensitivity but doesn’t create cross-talk as I experienced before. After putting the rubber disc in place on top of the stock strike pad I found it was triggering just right and actually is quieter than the setup that I am currently using AND this is definitely a long term solution. I can see that rubber pad lasting longer than my game console haha! I am super satisfied BUT …. not done yet.
So after seeing several reviews online I now have a new desire from Pintech … a ConcertCast 12″ to replace what I am now using for my snare pad.
I can’t say thank you enough.
I appreciate all that you do .. Thanks again!