A Huge Fan of Pintech Heads

We just got off the phone, and I said I’d send an email telling you how much I love my Pintech ConcertCast pads.

I’m a big fan of playing on mesh pads – I much prefer them to either rubber pads or acoustic drum heads. I’ve owned several brands, but when I got my first Pintech ConcertCast pad – a 10″ dual zone – and I took it out of the box, I loved the look of it, the feel, the metal shell. And when I played it, it felt great – light and responsive. Everyone has their own preference when it comes to which brand of mesh heads they prefer, but I am a huge fan of Pintech heads.

In fact, I sold my other mesh pads, so now all my toms and my snare are Pintech, and I love playing ‘em.

The other part of a great product is great support, and that’s what I’ve found at Pintech: support that’s as helpful for the used pads I got as for the new ones. I look forward to talking to you on the phone when I have a question or need something, and Ryan also takes good care of me. My thanks to you and to everyone at Pintech!

– Patti