A Gem in The World

I recently purchased a Pintech Electronic Hi-Hat Controller.  It was my first experience with Pintech.  I spoke with a representative who, although he was a new guy, answered my question about the product to the best of his ability.  He promised that someone else would contact me with further info and…to my surprise, I did get a call back!  Ryan was extremely helpful and took the time to answer my question and offer unsolicited feedback!  I called back a few days later with another follow up question.  This time a new rep answered.  He offered further insight into my questions, and then started asking me about the type of gear I use, how to set up the new product when it arrived, etc.  I felt like I was talking with a friend after a few minutes!  This is rare!!!  I’m sure the product I ordered will speak for itself.  But the customer service connection at Pintech was like a gem in a world where it has become an almost discarded key in most businesses!!  It definitely left an impact on me and I hope to be doing more business with this exceptional company!

Great things,

– Raymond Turner